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Generic name of Strattera is Atomoxetine which is used to treat ADHD (attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder). You can buy generic Strattera online and get it delivered at your doorstep overnight. In addition to ADHD, this drug is also effective against psychological, social and other related disorders. Strattera boosts up the ability to pay attention, stay focused and concentrated on particular tasks. The salt in the medicine works on the chemical in the brain (neurotransmitters) and helps in restoring its balance in the brain.
How can I use Strattera Tablets?
Medication guide provided by the pharmacist can be very helpful in understanding the usage of Strattera. If you still find any difficulty in understanding its usage then you should consult with your doctor or can get help from online pharmacy support.

It is advisable that you should take your medicine with water and in rare cases, a doctor may prescribe you to take medicine with food. Usually, doctors prescribe to take Strattera 1 to 2 time daily. The first dose should be taken in the morning when you wake up and the second dose is normally prescribed in the early evening. The habit of taking medicine late in the evening can lead to sleeping problems (insomnia). Strattera contains the atomoxetine drug in the capsule form, so it is recommended that the patient should swallow the whole capsule without breaking, opening or chewing it. It comes in capsule form so that it can get mixed in your bloodstream slowly. There are cases when the capsule opens up or got broken. In such a situation avoid direct contact with powder and wash away quickly. If the powder gets in your eyes, wash your eyes with plenty of water and contact with the doctor immediately.

You can buy Strattera online without having a prescription but it can cause side-effects to the patient. One cannot adjust its dosage by himself. Doctors can adjust the dosage of the prescribed medicine after examining medical conditions, taking a medical history, asking about allergies, response to treatment and other drugs that the patient might be taking. Make sure that you have given complete knowledge and history of all the prescribed, non-prescribed and herbal products you are taking to your doctor or pharmacist. Never increase your dosage of medicine on your own or against your prescription. Regular and prescribed usage of this medication will give the most benefit. For best results, take the medicine the same time each day. Inform your doctor whether your condition is getting better or worse.
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Are there any side-effects of Strattera?

People normally ask questions like where to buy Strattera. The answer is that you can but it online without having a prescription. The major drawback of using medicines without a prescription is of its side-effects. Medicine which is not suitable to the patients causes various side-effects depending on the nature and body type of the person. The most common side-effects of Strattera are dry-mouth, decreased appetite, cough, trouble sleeping (insomnia), upset stomach, dizziness, drowsiness, vomiting, constipation, itching, sexual side-effects including impotence, loss interest in sex, trouble having an orgasm and increased menstrual cramps. Some cases of serious side-effects are also observed in patients like irregular or fast heartbeat, difficulty in urinating, fainting and numbness. Strattera is normally not prescribed to pregnant woman, breastfeeding or to those who want to become pregnant. Our Strattera drug information center can guide you in this regard and warn you about the possible side-effects.

Precautionary measures when using Strattera

Risk of Suicide:
Families, caregivers, and patients should be alert all the time to respond to any emergency of insomnia, agitation, panic attack, anxiety, hostility, aggressiveness, impulsivity irritability and other behavioral changes that can lead to depression and suicidal ideation which can be observed at early stages of taking Strattera or when its dosage is not adjusted. The patient of Strattera should be observed on a daily basis so that the behavioral changes can be identified timely. All these changes will increase the chances of suicidal attempt. So, these symptoms should be reported to the doctor as early as possible to make suitable adjustments in the medicine.

Liver Damage:
Severe liver injury can be developed in the patients initiating Strattera. Patients should remain vigilant to their condition and consult with their doctor if they found symptoms in their body like dark urine, right upper quadrant tenderness, jaundice, and flu-like symptoms.

Feeling Aggressive:
Immediately consult with your doctor, if you are feeling hostile or aggressive after consuming Strattera.
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